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Perfect World International servers

Perfect World International is a game popular around the world. It is extremely popular in the USA, Europe, South America and other parts of the globe. However, apart from the obvious benefits, such popularity defines some technical limitations.

It takes several seconds for a signal from Russia to reach, for example, the USA. Thus, it is uncomfortable for users from one continent to play on the server which is located across the ocean - just because of the low ping (game speed and server response).

For this reason, individual servers of Perfect World International were created – physical stations having their own resources and processing data about the connected players. Each of them has its own limit of peak load and number of connections. Depending on the location, it is more convenient for the player to choose a PWI-server providing the fastest response and speed of the game.

Popular Perfect World International Servers

Currently, there are several PWI-servers, conventionally corresponding to several regions:

  • Etherblade – Perfect World International Server on the west cost of the United States.

  • Twilight Temple – PWI-server on the west cost of the United States.

  • Tideswell – Perfect World International Server on the east cost of the United States.

  • Dawn Glory – PWI-server in Europe.

Of course, the choice of the geographically closest workstation does not guarantee the maximum ping, so this issue has to be rendered with the utmost care. This will influence the quality and comfort of the game in whole.

It is believed the most populated server of Perfect World International is Dawn Glory (Europe). Today more than 40,000 characters are registered there, 10 000 of whom already have equipment and are not beginners.

What would be other differences among the servers?

The same game version is installed on all of them, so technically the gameplay is no different. The differences have rather socio-cultural character: On each server there would be some unspoken rules, they are expressed in slang, players’ habits and behaviours in general. Roughly speaking, each server is a separate world with its own rules and communities (clans).

Do PWI-servers communicate with each other?

Recently, the developers of the game have created an event for all servers simultaneously. Every Friday and Sunday National War takes place. Each server is assigned to a certain side and the entire server tries to attack other servers and capture their territory within this side.

In future there may be other events of this kind. At least, the rumours about them are actively spread among the players.

How should we take into account a server of Perfect World International when purchasing game currency?

In case when you decide to buy PWI coins, it is extremely important to do this only for your own server as the prices and the order of gold transmission may differ. However, after successful acquisition of the game currency, the result will be the same: you will be able to acquire advanced ammunition. That means - even more experience, even more adventures in the company of good players, even more pleasure from the gameplay!

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