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Perfect World International for beginners

If your sight was caught by an online game Perfect World International, you can not go wrong with your decision. Here you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the perfectly elaborated atmosphere of online life and choose your own path. Perhaps, it will not be easy, but you are not actually looking for easy ways? :) Will this way be interesting? Certainly!

Thus, the PWI for beginners: how to start and to continue your way in this game?

Perfect World International: getting started

To get started you will need to download the game client from the official website of the game and install it on your computer. After that there will be time to create a PWI character and think of his name. As we know, in what way you name the character, in such a way he will be treated. This is a very important moment, so you have to try to come up with a nickname which hasn’t been taken yet and create a beautiful character.

The first 20 levels

Did you succeed in creating a character in Perfect World International? Great, now you have to train up to level 20, which can be easily completed in a few hours. Follow the game tips, perform game tasks and kill monsters.

What's next?

Have you finally reached level 20? Congratulations, Perfect World International for newbies is quite friendly, and we hope it wasn't very hard. Now you have the opportunity to go to a great ideal world and to evaluate the quality and content of the game with your own eyes. After talking with the necessary NPC, you will be offered to go to one of the major cities, where there will be new quests and new knowledge. Always follow the instructions of the system.

Should I join PWI clans?

Once you get into the game world, you will be definitely invited by someone to the clan. Feel free to accept the invitation and if something does not work out, then ask questions in the clan. In this regard, the clans and the whole PWI game for beginners are defined by maximum friendliness and openness.

Is it impossible to kill the monster?

If you need to kill a monster and you can not do it. For PWI newcomers the situation is quite typical. The reason is likely that your harness is too weak to do so. You need to buy a new one and then you are not afraid of any monster. But apparently there is a problem? Are you new to the game and have no money? No problem, we'll help you. Contact an advisor on our website to buy a bit of game currency and improve your equipment.

Buy PWI coins

Development in the game without investments or with minimal investments

No money? It isn't a problem for PWI newbies: wait for a while near the place where you are having difficulty, and when you see another player, ask him to help you. As a rule, people are very responsive and happy to help. During the game, you need to perform special tasks, for them you will get more experience and new abilities for you will be opened.

You don’t need a lot of time to reach level 100. But if you are too lazy to spend time on tiresome pumping, you can buy a particular item in the game store that will allow you to instantly obtain the required level. It costs dearly, but we can also help you with this. Importantly, it is sold only during the promotions and during the normal time it is not available for purchase.

Remember: purchasing of helpful items is a very common way for newcomers in Perfect World International after 20th level. Use it, if you don't want to lost time.

Level 100 and higher

Congratulations, you have reached level 100. Now you have access to all the possible game events, improved tasks and the new stamping equipment. Be the best, stay the best with us. We are always happy to assist you at any time of the day or night.

Buy PWI coins