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How to earn money in PWI?

How to make money in the game Perfect World International - coins to buy good ammunition, and not only? Perhaps every beginner and experienced player sets this question to himself as it affects the enjoyment of the game and the successes which can be achieved. Fortunately, there is quite a lot of ways to earn coins in PWI. We’ll analyze them in our today's article.

The main ways of earnings in PWI

  • 1. Killing mobs using a built-in bot in the game

    If you are tired or just do not want to do the tedious work, turn the game bot in the game client, set the option to collect items and money. And wait until your character collects a little bit of PWI coins.
  • 2. Farm at certain locations or dungeons

    The most profitable farm in PWI - collecting game gold and expensive items, occurs when your character is able to solo kill bosses or successfully farm the most sophisticated, profitable dungeons. For example, FS or TT. If the whole day you’re purposefully engaged in the same farm, you can earn about 10-50 mil. Perfect World International coins a day - in the form of gold or valuable items that you can profitably sell.
  • 3. Gathering resources

    If you are a beginner, do not pass by resources. Collect everything you see, and then open the game shop and sell your PWI resources. They will be bought as they are required for pumping crafts in the game.
  • 4. Deception in Perfect World International Game

    The most profitable is to deceive people. Unfortunately, a lot of players want to get everything free. Be careful and do not believe that you will be given something for free, or offered to sharpen the weapon up to +12 just like that. This is done so that you would have given away your own equipment. The liar will not return it to you, but will sell to someone for half the price.
  • 5. Purchase of PWI game coins on our website

    Purchase of game currency of Perfect World International for real money from a reliable supplier is the easiest and most secure way to fund your gaming purse. Affordable prices and fast order processing makes this approach not too expensive, but comfortable in all respects.

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  • 6. Creating multi-accounts and daily quest

    If you are a proud owner of several characters, then perform daily tasks and get them for items and coins. The more characters, the more stable sources of income in the PWI.
  • 7. Buy cheaper, sell more expensive

    The most common way of earning in PWI is speculation. Here you can earn a lot, but you may also lose in price.
    If you’re already more or less confident in the game, read the chat, there is often such a situation: the player is trying to sell something for a long time. Here a psychological principle comes into action. For the first three-five attempts to sell something the seller will not be configured to decrease the price, as he naively believes his goods are needed by someone. But since he spends some time and will not be able to get the desired amount, he will be more amenable to trade.
    Use this time and safely drop the price by 30%. If he doesn’t agree – it’s not a problem, there will be other opportunities. Those, who need urgent gaming coins, will go for a deal for sure. And when you manage to get something this way, just put it in your game store and wait for a buyer - already without undue haste.

How to earn more coins in Perfect World International?

In this article we have listed the main sources of income in the game and discuss how to earn money in Perfect World International game. But this does not mean there are no other opportunities to get rich. There are other ways, for example:

  • Help other players in the dungeon.
  • Purchase of equipment and its sale after further upgrading.
  • Improving services and other items.

There are a lot of ways to earn gold in PWI. The main thing is to find the one that suits you. And if you have no time or desire for tedious farming, we are happy to offer you to buy Perfect World International coins with PayPal - fast, easy and convenient.

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