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No spam in games

  • No spam in games 06.02.2016
    Here is our promise to you:

    1. is strongly against in-game spam of any kind, we will NEVER SPAM IN-GAME FOR SALE, our employees only whisper you in-game for order delivery purpose without using sensitive words.

    2. We only send emails to you when we confirm order details with you, notify you that it has been completed, address your concern, and festival greetings. (Of course you can ask us to keep you updated with promotions and special offers via email)

    Why We Refuse to Spam In-Game

    1. When a some gold seller spams you in-game, definitely he/she will use words like buy gold, $, price, site name, .com, these sensitive words can be easily tracked by Admins of game via daily scan, and endanger your game account safety.

    2. We know how annoying it is to receive countless spam messages from those horrible bad gold PWI sellers while enjoying your PWI journey,

    Fight With In-Game PWI Gold Spammers

    1. Drag their character names to ignoring list or click ‘report spam’ button in PWI Client.

    2. Write to complain for them.

    3. Report the site name to if you have e-mail spam from some bad sites.

    Also, we described it more clear in this article.

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