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Integration of payment system was done successfully.

  • Integration of payment system was done successfully. 20.02.2016
    We've finished test of payment system and our site. Now it is working very fine and we started sales in normal mode.

    Please notice: In any case, please let us know if you have any problems or you meet an error. We still are working on upgrade system and each your remark important for us.

    We will try to improve site and construct it for your comfort. Don't hesitate to write your opinions and ideas in the feedback forms.

    Shortly about what we finished:
    1. Created SSL sertificat for your safe payments.
    2. Tested and integrated PayPal payment system.
    3. We fexed some bugs with wrong data of API.
    4. Finished order e-mail and Agency report.

    Our plans for next steps:

    1. Checking and fixing all texts.
    2. Optimize site for SEO searching.
    3. Solve some small issues.
    4. Write manuals.
    5. Need to fix e-mail forms.
    6. Increase security of personal data.
    7. Rebranding (We will start to develop new interface for you soon).

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