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Changes in the work site.

  • Changes in the work site. 25.05.2016
    We need to stop the service for the sale of game currency for some time. This is due to some technical and gaming issues. 

    At the moment, the sales of game coins and game gold will be limited.

    Currently, we are engaged in the organization of the process to launch a new version of the site, which will expand our capabilities and increase the level of service provided by us.

    We plan to introduce automation of sales of game currency, develop a personal account for suppliers, where will features such as:

    - Amount of game currency for sale.
    - History of transactions with us
    - Displays the amount of sold game currency.
    - Charts of sales, etc.

    We want to raise the level of service to suppliers need to saving their time and let them concentrate at getting game currency.

    Also we have the ability to automate the payment and we are working in this direction.

    Follow the news, if you have any questions, use any convenient method of communication with us.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

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