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Spam in MMO chats, or fair ones choose advert

  • 06.02.2016

    As we know there are very many sites and suggestions in virtual currency sphere. Every site suggests better conditions than previous ones. It is a true market with its own competition. But what ways do they use to promote their sites, suggestions or dealers? So, this article helps to clarify it.

    There are some ways to tell gamers about the wish to sell virtual currency. They are illegal according to games policy: public spam, private spam, post spam. Somebody uses special apps and scripts that allow to send their message million times or to million people.

    • Public spam in Perfect World International and other MMO-games is the way of illegal promotion that means sending advertising to public chat. Dealers, pirates or just unpopular sites choose something like prime time but in game, and send their suggestions. Because of big online, many gamers see it. However, only part of them decide to answer in private way. They become potential clients.
    • Private spam in PWI is more effective, but very funny way to sell expensive items or gold. It looks like direct sales in toilet. Such promoters choose their targets and send them the message like the suggestion. Of course, they never beg to buy because it is not their style. They never make gamers their friends and then sell them suggestions. Most of spammers uses apps and scripts even for personal communication, because coping and pasting is wasting of time.
    • Post spam in MMO is funnier. Spammers send letters into your in-game mailbox suggesting cheap items or gold. It looks like previous one. Nothing to say. It annoys many gamers.

    How to recognize spam?

    Every spam message is easy to recognize. But not every message is the same. One message may be just a sentence with information that was sent 10 or 10.000 times. Another message may look like an old banner that consists of too many symbols and motivation to buy. But all of them outshine chat log with information gamers need or just waste the space because chat becomes an advert board.

    By the way, moderators and game masters find annoying spammers, ban their accounts forever, delete all their achievements, donate, and characters. However, the deleted ones do not stop and create new accounts or buy the same and go on sending annoying letters.

    Why it's happened?

    The main mistake of spammers is their wish to attract gamers, find new clients, sell more etc. But spam is not a legal way. And they know it. Why spam? Spam is free. As we already said, public spam provides coverage and influence. Millions of people see their message and somebody takes an interest in cheap virtual items and currency. So, but most of fair gamers gets annoyed because of the messages they sees 100 times per hour. But the companies that promote themselves using this way, do not care of their potential clients. Spam is free and fast. They need not spend money to attract people and make them new clients.

    What do you think? Is it a good method when auditory gets annoyed of such messages? For example, people is playing and want to write something important to public chat. The spam messages is covering all chat, gamers need to scroll and waste time, when fighting… We do not think that anybody would use their services after it. We see how amateurs try to be the first. We see their mistakes on the way to clients and profit. It was the worst example of promotion and the most terrible one of kind of companies. As we said, fair companies that want trust, respect and profit use flexible advertising. Properly built campaigns never annoy gamers, game masters and other in-game public.

    Reliable online-shops and marketplaces don't use spam

    Most of legal and respectable sites that sell gold and items, finds clients in real world. They buy places for their advertising, become partners of game masters-amateurs. And one more thing… They help people to play, not annoy or bother them. It is their advantage. That’s why they could not lose their reputations for many years. They are legal helpers, not «contrabandists».

    Respectable sites are responsible for delivery and quality of game process of customers with their goods. They find safe ways to bring booked items and gold if deals look illegal. They minimize risks of their customers. It means care. So, we work in the same way.

    What about us?

    • We respect all people who are interested in our service. We solve their problems and do not make them risk. We do not bother people or even make their game process uncomfortable. It is not for professionals.
    • We provide smart communication because our service is a serious one like selling dollars, euros or another currency. Every thousand of coins is hard to get. It is work, labour, too, like any offline job. We are responsible for our workers and clients.
    • We are not troublemakers. When gamers get public or private spam, they become angry. Moderators and game masters feel the same when trying to find and ban unfair traders. Why should people get rattled? Game is the same reality like our real world. We are responsible for our actions in two worlds.

    Buy PWI coins safely

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