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Is it dangerous to buy virtual currency at black market?

  • 06.02.2016

    We know about all pluses of unofficial deals with virtual currency from that article. Now we are going to talk about all danger moments - possible risks of game currency black market.

    Before global virtual currency marketplaces appeared officially, people bought money for their games via forums and random illegal dealers in game. Sometimes they got cheated. Somebody lost big money. Just imagine: you want to buy million gold coins, got a dealer, sent him real money, but after all he disappeared. Often it happened when people sold their upgraded characters. So, is it dangerous to buy items and coins via unofficial marketplaces? That’s the cause of trust.

    Possible risks of innoficial game money dealers

    • You may be cheated and lose your money. Accidents will happen. However, if a dealer is not proved, there is no information about him in coins platforms or among another gamers, he doesn’t deserved to trust. It’s dangerous. Better find authorized one at any coin platform. If you were cheated, it doesn’t cost to remind game moderators about it. They cannot give your money back. Solution: find and check the information about your dealer before you trust him.
    • You may be banned if moderators check your activity, find something suspicious in your balance, transactions and messages. Here the both are guilty. A dealer is guilty because his conspiracy was declassified by moderators. You are guilty because you did something wrong or chose a wrong dealer. But there are all «wrong dealers» at forums, chats and ads. The dealers gamers trust work for special marketplaces. Solution: divide sums, buy bit-a-bit, ask your party friends to help with it.

    How are administrators looking for suspicious deals?

    Administrators find deals suspicious if you gamers give nothing to their partners when they got big sums of money. It may be the signal for them. More suspicious fact that partners are from different countries. Solution: they should talk about all details (what to put, how many money a gamer gets) previously and then do it according to the plan.

    What about stolen game accounts?

    But what if you bought coins from stolen account? It must be a problem of a wrong dealer, but moderators accept such deal fake after their investigation. Of course, you lose will your bought coins and your dealer will get banned.

    Bots, cheats, bugs and others

    If virtual currency was got via bots, cheats or bugs and then you bought it, what’s next? First of all, bugs, bots and cheats are impossible for official servers. Most of x1 close to official servers have got a strong anti-cheat detectors. If somebody cheated the system and then bought coins to you, he will be banned. And one more thing - such deal will be accepted as fake.

    It's all about reputation

    Despite the fact that unofficial marketplaces are called «black market», they work on the quality of their service. It means that coin dealers are fair in earning and checked before they become authorized at a platform. If a marketplace catch dealers earning dirty, they kick them out from community. Platforms care of their own brands and reputation. Such rats is bad for their reputation. You can minimize risks by yourself if you use the instruction from our next article.

    To conclude, you should know that it is a bad idea to buy coins for low rates from unauthorized dealers from forums and game chat. They propose very low costs to catch trustful gamers, get their interest and then they get their money and disappear.

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