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How to minimize risks of buying coins at black market?

  • 06.02.2016

    Any deal with coins or items is controlled by moderators. It makes the process of game interesting. Virtual worlds must be maximally like reality: real time, achieving of goals etc. It would not be interesting for MMO developers and gamers to get all in one second. So, actions of gamers must be fair. But what if we do not want to wait for items or money so much? We have got possibilities to get it faster. However, this is risk. We should minimize it.

    Risks cannot stop true gamers. There are some problems when we buy coins and items at virtual black market. In that article we reviewed the risk of being cheated. Here we are going to review another problems and their solutions.

    Problems and solutions

    • Problem #1 is a big sum. You found a good offer, give enough money to get that quantity of coins, agreed with a dealer and you must meet in game to get your coins. Look, he gave 5.000.000 coins, you gave nothing. The deal is really suspicious, not according to a game’s rules. Moderators may find it illegal and you may be banned.

      Solutions 1.) buy coins bit-a-bit, it takes time, but looks legal for moderators;
      2.) divide your sum and take its parts by different character you have got;
      3.) give something after you got a big sum (poisons, swords, scrolls, products etc;
      4) use your friends to get divided sum - create a party and ask for help, then reward them.
    • Problem #2 is trust. It must be the first one, but the technical problem is more important. Your dealer is from virtual currency marketplace. So, you do not trust your dealer because of having no experience in such deals. The offer is good for you and you are ready to buy, but you are in doubt.

      Solutions: 1.) find more info about your dealer you do not trust. Maybe his profile has comments or «stars», he is known enough in the game you play;
      2.) ask gamers who bought something from him;
      3.) find him in social networks, talk to him about your wish.

      Warning! Never buy coins from unknown and unauthorized dealers at forums. Marketplaces are created to provide «quality of piracy» earning money and maintaining reputation of safe sellers.
    • Problem #3 is fair coins. It looks like a part of the second problem, but it must be reviewed individually. If dealers sell big sums, they do something to earn it. But what ways do they use? If coins were earned using bugs, bots or cheats, a dealer and you may be banned. A dealer get such punishment because he earned coins in illegal way. And as for you, you get «dirty» coins. However, official and unofficial x1-x10 servers have got strong anti-cheating security. You should not worry about it. Solution: choose known marketplaces and work with them. So, known marketplaces do not want to get bad reputation and they do their job in fair ways.
    • Problem #4 is the deal between gamers from different countries. For example, your dealer is from the USA, you are from Portugal. When he give you coins it may be look suspicious. Also he is not from your party. The deal looks suspicious.

      Solution: he should divide the sum, then drop it bit-a-bit in different closed-situated places.

    So, there are 4 basic problems of virtual black market. Another ones depend on situations. Also we decided to teach you how to define a reliable marketplace.

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