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How to define a safe marketplace of virtual currency

  • 06.02.2016

    There are a lot of top-50-alike articles about safety in internet deals. Most of them are sponsored. Using them we just can minimize risks at game currency black market, no more. Others use unclear criteria of evaluating. This article is written to crush your doubts in black market of virtual currency and help you to understand how to find out a reliable gold, kinahs or PWI coins.

    • Fake or not?

      First of all, we need to understand if a marketplace is fake or not. Print in Google «buy gold wow» or «buy pwi coins» or «pwi marketplaces». Usually top marketplaces are at the first place of Google search. As for more serious sites they are «first of the first». It means that they use Google Adwords and you see them at first you find others.
    • Look at activity

      Next, we open one of sites and look at activity, online, business level of its payment system, comments, forum and deals history and pay attention to design. Design must look like an official page of a serious community, but not like a template of a schoolboy who knows nothing about trends. If it is okay there are many information at a site, big online and explosion of activity, we dig deeper. So, we need to analyse opinion of customers.
    • Marketplace infastucture

      One more thing about infrastructure of these shops. They take money for safe deals. They invite a mediator who agrees to take coins from one gamer or dealer and give it to another one, not of free, of course. This service is useful when two gamers want to make a deal. As for official dealers, they do not need to invite mediators because they are responsible for marketplace quality and reputation in the whole.
    • Reliable ways of paying

      Proved marketplaces provide different ways of paying for their service. It must be suspicious if a site use unknown payment system or demand to pay via mobile phone.
    • Is anybody say Hello?

      A lot of virtual currency site are alive. It means they have got the consultant who say hello after 5 seconds users visit such site.
    • Ask top players

      We should find the information about platform in game. So your friends may be know about the shop you are interested in. Also it will be good idea to ask some top players. Famous and reliable marketplaces usually have reputation among gamers.
    • Mentions and testimonials

      Such site has got a lot of mentions in social media, catalogs, forums. It is a great lucky to talk to an admin in social network. We go to Google again and find comments and articles about the site we are interested in. We can see stars at different independent rating sites, comments by customers at special communities. If there are no any comment, you should create a topic about a site, ask users of a community about it and get feedback. It forms our trust bit-a-bit.
    • No spam

      A serious profitable marketplace will never write spam messages in game or sent suspicious offers to your email. As we said, they create reputation, not look like newbies. They give guarantees, show it in their policy and work according to rules providing gamers safe deals, not cheat them.
    • AdWords like a good sign

      Of course, no any fake marketplace use AdWords or another serious advertising instruments. They just have not enough money for it and publicity is not for swindlers. They try to persuade trustful gamers personally, via e-mail. Therefore, serious marketplaces will not spend $5000 for site, ads and promotion for stealing $100 from one or two trustful gamers. Serious people care of big profit, not stolen peanuts.

    So, there are hard criteria you should follow when looking for a reliable virtual currency marketplace. Always check for two times minimum. Just truth of life. Before you made your first unofficial virtual currency deal you should know about all ways of money transferring in MMO.

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