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Why is it better to buy any virtual currency at «black market»?

  • 30.12.2015

    Since the time of online games appearing, many unofficial marketplaces and shops of items and currency got leaders positions and became competitors of official game-inside shops. Their growth is caused of many reasons that are different and depends on many factors. MMO developers asked why gamers go to marketplaces in the Internet. So, this question got the relevant answer.

    Let’s review the reasons that make people buy virtual currency like PWI Gold, PWI coins, PWI Items in special sites, not in in-game shops.

    1. Game currency at "black market" is cheaper

    The first one is, of course, a price. If we compare the suggestions of official shops in game and the same in special marketplaces, we can find out the significant difference. It maybe depends on real currencies rates, not on greed of developers. Marketplaces with virtual currency and items are useful for gamers who are not able to spend $500 for new armor, weapons etc. In such countries dealers adapt prices for gamers who want to play, but money don’t allow them to play more, got new skills and improve their chars. So, low prices cost it! Gamers get they want and play longer. That’s probably the main reason why official shops are not in-demand.

    Look at prices of PWI coins

    2. Everyone could buy any quantity of coins and any items

    The second reason is the accessibility of some kinds of items and quantity of coins. If a gamer didn’t used to wait, prefers fast improving and play for battles only, he can use the model that looks like free-to-play and pay-for-levels, get items and quantity of virtual money he needs, and fight as a well-prepared character, not like a newbie needs long time upgrading.

    3. Special offers and events

    The third reason is wider special offers and events. It is not a secret that global virtual currency marketplaces give special offers much more often than official shops do. So, their offers help to buy something that is very hard to get via quests or tough efforts in raids.

    4. Preferred ways of purchasing

    The fourth reason is preferred ways of purchasing. Most of popular MMO games provide payments via any online platforms like PayPal, Scrill etc. But young and growing MMO projects not always allow gamers to pay in the way they prefer. Sometimes gamers have to go out, get to a terminal and up their balance paying the commission for the operation. So, but if marketplaces take payments via VISA, Master Card why not pay from home?

    5. Best way to develope successful character

    And of course, the fifth reason is fast reputation. Talking about it, we mean the brand building and becoming famous and successful character of a server or a such gamer in a real world. No boring hours with quests with picking plants and mushrooms. Just proper time management and fat results.

    The main reason is: Playing any game and putting the goal to be the best player, you have to understand that to getting the goal you should have a lot of time and game currency. You will surely enjoy online videos from tournaments. Where TOP players show their professionalism. Just look how people became TOP.

    Risks and disadvantages of virtual currency marketplaces ("black market")

    We’ve got enough reasons why gamers prefer unofficial virtual currency marketplaces instead of in-game shops. However, there are some disadvantages of this way. To great happiness, they become myths for newbies.

    • You can be banned. It is the first thing gamers are afraid of. It was the great mistake of beginning dealers. Now the companies that built strong brands on selling money in games, «fixed» behaviour of dealers and found a lot of ways how not to be caught. One more thing: if the companies aren’t sure in their brands, actions and behaviour, they doesn’t deal so much their statistics show. They use the methods moderators cannot recognize. Therefore, it is safe for them and for gamers.

    • You can lose your money and be cheated. Yes, accidents will happen. But it’s happen when gamers buy virtual currency and items from someone from unknown forums, ads in game chat or who use spam in game. But we need repeat that if the companies aren’t sure in their brands, actions and behaviour, they doesn’t deal so much their statistics show. The quality of their deals is proved by time and profit. Also, the dealers are famous in games. Many professional gamers know them. So, if you are afraid of losing money or being cheated, just find out the information about your virtual currency dealer in a game or Internet.

    So, these two main myths should not frighten you. Marketplaces with strong brands never allows their employees to do alike things. The advantages of unofficial virtual currency and items shops are evident. Also learn if it is dangerous to buy virtual currency at black market.

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