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All possible ways of money transferring in MMO

  • 06.02.2016

    So, we think that you know how to define a reliable marketplace, and in this article we are going to talk about money transferring in MMO and some hacks of it.

    Fantastic MMO worlds are close to reality: time, environment, relationships, punishments. As for money and deals, it is the same. There are processes that look normal for real, but illegal for games’ policy. Let’s review all ways of money transferring in PWI and other games we apply for your safety.

    • 1. Deals. You sent us your nickname. We find you in game, then meet and make a deal. This is the most common way to tranfer money in PWI - transfer coins for something or get it. Remember, you need to give something. Let it be plants, useless armor or swords, shields etc. Big sums for nothing is very suspicious thing. We care of your game process and deal quality. If you do not want to be banned after a deal, you’d better put some useless things into deal window.
    • 2. Dividing time and sums. For example, you want to buy many coins in PWI - transfer gold for real money. We divide your sum and transferring time in minutes, hours or even days. Then we make a few deals. Sometimes we both should use different characters. It must look like we are interested in your useless items for big sums of gold. Keep calm, please, nobody finds it suspicious. It is a fact of legal deals. We divide time not to be caught and not look suspicious.
    • 3. Trading. In Perfect World International there are trading units that called cat shops. To meet before is necessary to make a deal via cat shop. It works easily: you put your cat shop in peace zone, put some items in it. We just buy your items for gold you need. It is much more safer, but to great sorrow cat shops are available in Perfect World Interntational only.
    • 4. Auction. We use auctions to provide our deals more safer and «close-to-official». So you create your lot and send us its number. We get it and buy your lot for gold or another coins you need. If you do not know how to use auction in your game just find out info at game official community.
    • 5. Post. We get your nickname and send gold via in-game post. You just need to check your post box. It looks like a gift. There is no illegal in this way of transferring money in Perfect World International and some other games.
    • 6. Thrift shops. This way looks like cat shops in Perfect World International. You find any in-game thrift shop and put useless item. Then you sent us your nickname and name of the item you sell. So we buy it and you get your gold.
    • 7. Account with gold. You get an account with coins or items you bought. It is a clear account with one character. Using him, you can upgrade him or transfer game money via post or friends to the character you used to play. Otherwise you can ask us for help.

    One more thing for your safety. Never chat with dealers or ask to buy something publicly. Don't ask how to transfer money in PWI or other game in common chat. It makes moderators take your actions into account and watch out you. Use these 7 ways and be sure in our quality!

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