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Every day we collect questions about purchasing game currency and publish the most common of them right here. On this page you can find FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and some helpful acticles about virtual currency, black market, safety and other important things. Read it and use it - buy coins for PWI and other PWI games without doubts and risks!

Very simple. You can do it without registration - just use game link in header (e.g. Perfect World International coins) and fill some fields. Nothing complicated - only simple data about necessary coins, way of delivery, payment method and contact information.

After that you would be moved to PayPal page. Just follow instuctions here - use PayPal account or any payment card for you order.

As soon as your payment would be complete you should come back to our site and contact consultant via online-chat, skype or E-mail. On this step you could arrange with him about virtual coins delivery so fast as it's possible.
There is no need. No sooner that you make a payment via PayPal we get notifications from it and would be ready to deliver virtual currency. Just contact us and arrange with a consultant details of delivery.
For your convinience we create your personal account when you've placed first order. In cabinet on this site you could check all orders, view details and check current statuses.

Status of any order changes automatically (after placing an order, after payment), so no need to do something especially. But if you have any troubles with your order - contact us right now. We would solve your problem so fast as it possible.
Sure! After payment you would get official reciept on your E-mail. All useful information about your order and your payment is included.

In addition you'll get finally report in PDF. It would be happened after virtual currency delivery. This report is the Annex to the Public Offer.
Doubts are the normal reaction when you going to spend some money. We understand that you need some garantees before the payment.

Reputation of our marketplace and testimonials are the best reasons. It's the most important active for us and we working hard to satisfy expectations of every client.

As for garantees after payment we should notice the official notification which would be send to your E-mail. If something going wrong you could use PayPal protection. Fortunatelly, we works reliable and nobody used it before, but you have to know about this garantee. It helps to avoid unnessesary doubts :)

Finally. It's important to note that our marketplace works as public legal entity. So, we are open for possible official reclamations, complaints and other official incoming documents, used in legal practice. It's one more garantee for every customer.

Have any questions?

Ask it via online-chat. Our consultants would be happy to help you!.

Helper articles

  • Date: 06.02.2016 Spam in MMO chats, or fair ones choose advert As we know there are very many sites and suggestions in virtual currency sphere. Every site suggests better conditions than previous ones. It is a true market with its own competition. But what ways do they use to promote their sites, suggestions or dealers? So, this article helps to clarify it.
  • Date: 06.02.2016 All possible ways of money transferring in MMO So, we think that you know how to define a reliable marketplace(ссылка на ст 4), and in this article we are going to talk about money transferring and some hacks of it.
  • Date: 06.02.2016 How to define a safe marketplace of virtual currency There are a lot of top-50-alike articles about safety in internet deals. Most of them are sponsored. Using them we just can minimize risks(ссылка на ст 3), no more. Others use unclear criteria of evaluating. This article is written to crush your doubts in black market of virtual currency and help you to understand how to find out a reliable gold, kinahs or PW yuans.
  • Date: 06.02.2016 How to minimize risks of buying coins at black market? Any deal with coins or items is controlled by moderators. It makes the process of game interesting. Virtual worlds must be maximally like reality: real time, achieving of goals etc. It would not be interesting for MMO developers and gamers to get all in one second. So, actions of gamers must be fair. But what if we do not want to wait for items or money so much? We have got possibilities to get it faster. However, this is risk. We should minimize it.
  • Date: 06.02.2016 Is it dangerous to buy virtual currency at black market? We know about all pluses of unofficial deals with virtual currency from that (ссылка на ст 1) article. Now we are going to talk about all danger moments.

    Before global virtual currency marketplaces appeared officially, people bought money for their games via forums and random illegal dealers in game.
  • Date: 30.12.2015 Why is it better to buy any virtual currency at «black market»? Since the time of online games appearing, many unofficial marketplaces and shops of items and currency got leaders positions and became competitors of official game-inside shops. Their growth is caused of many reasons that are different and depends on many factors. MMO developers asked why gamers go to marketplaces in the Internet. So, this question got the relevant answer.