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About us

This site is formed 

by me

"KOBRualet & RealMagic"

which are the general manager.

You won't see spam

in game from me, because

we are against it.

8 years of experience in online sales in different countries and games.

I have some freelancers and they help me to get gold and coins for you. But mostly everything is done by me.

In my country I manage some other shops.

I always try to provide our customers the highest quality for any service is purchased.

I'm worried about each deal and trying to do it safe for you.

Here is several serious sites who already know me in other places where I sell my products knows that there no scam. Only honest to customers and always the best.

You didn't see spam in game from me because we are against spam. 

Only serious people do not use spam to attract customers. 

If you ready for:
  • 1
  • Safe deal
  • 2
  • Positive communication
  • 3
  • The absence of stress
  • 4
  • Fast delivery
  • 5
  • Individual approach
You've come to the right place!

About online-shop

Online shop of the game currency for Perfect World International (PWI) is an officially registered company, which conducts activities in the legal field. We pay taxes, and all transactions are officially recorded in accounting. This is another safety factor for our customers. By deciding to buy coins for PWI in the online store Gold For Game, you get the service from a real-life business with the name, reputation and guarantee system for customers.


  • Individual entrepreneur Kryukov Vitaly Sergeevic
  • E-mail address (e-mail):
  • Phone: +79032449995
  • PSRN 316236000050330
  • Bank Alfa Bank
  • Account 40802810002420000376
  • 0209912434


  1. 1. Learn more about the game Perfect World International, if you have not done this before :)
  2. 2. Buy coins for PWI via PayPal – with a secure payment onto the company’s official account.
  3. 3. Get game gold in the way indicated when placing the order.