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Current price on Dawn Glory server:

100mil = 6.5$
500mil = 30.5$
1bil = 60$

Current stock on Dawn Glory server:
For sale 10bil.
Current price on Etherblade server:

100mil = 6.5$
500mil = 30.5$
1bil = 60$

Current stock on Etherblade server:
For sale 5bil.
Current price on Twilight Temple server:

100mil = 7.5$
500mil = 35.5$
1bil = 70$

Current stock on Twilight Temple server:
For sale 500mil.
Current price on Tideswell server:

100mil = 6.5$
500mil = 30.5$
1bil = 60$

Current stock on Tideswell server:
For sale 4bil.
How does this work?

4 easy steps to get game currency.

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Last news

  • Date: 14.09.2017 Sale from 14 September 2017 to 17 September 2017 Only from 14 September 2017 to 17 September 2017 you can buy coins with discount.
  • Date: 25.05.2016 We are looking new suppliers on PWI, EVE Online, Neverwinter We are looking for new suppliers on the games:

    Perfect World International
    EVE Online
  • Date: 25.05.2016 Changes in the work site. We need to stop the service for the sale of game currency for some time. This is due to some technical  and gaming issues.

    At the moment, the sales of game coins and game gold will be limited.

    We are working on a new portal for you.
  • Date: 16.03.2016 Expected increase in price of virtual currency. Because of increasing volume of virtual currency market, customers see new entrants and offers. The market has been expecting this increasing for a long time.
  • Date: 20.02.2016 Integration of payment system was done successfully. We've finished test of payment system and our site. Now it is working very fine and we started sales in normal mode.

    Please notice: In any case, please let us know if you have any problems or you meet an error. We still are working on upgrade system and each your remark important for us.
All about

The Gold for Game currency sale and purchase website offers players all over the world an opportunity to buy and sell game values and in-game currency for the Perfect World International online game. Through our website, you will be able to easily buy everything you need for comfortable gaming, or sell us your game values. Currently, we are pleased to offer you the following set of services, which will help you become a successful player at the PWI:

Why do you need it?

If you value your time and set yourself big goals in the game, then you belong to the category of those gamers who want to succeed, but do not wish to waste their time on tedious farming and slow income. Do not waste your time, enjoy every minute of gameplay! Hurry to buy the in-game currency at the lowest prices on the Internet.

When buying in-game currency, you rid yourself of hours of wandering in the online world in search of funds to carry out the required purchases. This allows you to concentrate on honing your skills at PVP, comfortable passage of another dungeon and getting new interesting trophies.

Buying gold or coins on is an opportunity to steal a march on your enemies in the development of a character in a short time. It is always important that you and your guild are stronger and more powerful than your competitors.

Why buying an in-game currency not only makes the game more enjoyable, but is also easy to pay off?

There is a well-known saying: While you are asleep, your enemy is pumping iron. Do not leave a chance to your competitors and buy PWI Gold or PWI Coins on our website.

After the gamer makes his/her character's upgrade for the gold (in-game currency) he/she bought, he/she obtains tremendous opportunities and prospects in the gaming world. He/she gains the potential for a much more efficient farming, and pays off all his/her expenses in the shortest time possible. You will no longer have problems with the fact that you are not taken along to a new dungeon, because your equipment is not up to scratch. Our in-game currency online store is the best aid to those who want to succeed as soon as possible, who likes value for money and cares for the security of his/her account.

Selling the in-game currency for an additional income

Selling the in-game currency at the Perfect World International is an excellent opportunity to generate income from your favorite game. The gamer does not simply enjoy his/her favorite game, but also earns real money by it. This result can be achieved if you have already become a successful gamer, and your character is one of the strongest on the server.

Selling in-game currency for online games will be a great option for those people who are bored with the gaming as such, and who ultimately wish to profit by it. Depending on the skills and abilities of the gamer, selling in-game currency can be a good helping tool in earning and getting some extra cash.

Why us? 7 real benefits

  • We guarantee a full range of quality services for successful gamers. This is more than just buying and selling of the in-game currency. This is competent information support, selling objects for gaming worlds and much more.
  • We are a team of professional gamers at the Perfect World International, and other online games.
  • The gaming experience of each member of the team exceeds 8 years. This allows us not only to profit by the hobby, but also to help others to achieve their goals.
  • We will use our knowledge of the gaming world and the PWI gaming economy to help you buy or sell PWI Gold and PWI Coins at the highest profit and in the safest way.
  • We check very carefully each vendor and eliminate all possible risks for you. We give a guarantee for each transaction, and accept payments at a PayPal business account via secure communication channels.
  • We work in the legal environment, pay taxes and provide our services openly and above board. You can learn more about the company and obtain its details on the "Public Offer" page.
  • We support fair and transparent cooperation. No spam in the games!

All gold and coins were procured through trading in games on the PWI servers and through dungeon farming. We always keep abreast of all new products, and are ready for all innovations in the game. In addition we will try to help you with advice to insure you from all potential gaming troubles associated with under-the-counter in-game currency buying.

On the Help page, you can get the exhaustive information on how not to become a victim of fraud, while the "Gaming Security" page is about how to avoid undue attention from the game administrators.